Shawn Lambert HVAC Logo

Logo Design

The Shawn Lambert HVAC Logo design was done by Radial Design Group for Shawn Lambert and his heating and air conditioning company located in southern California serving residential and commercial properties in California and all of Orange County and surrounding counties. Shawn Lambert provides heating and air conditioning services to residents and businesses in southern California. If it’s maintenance or repair or even a new installation Shawn Lambert HVAC can handle all your heating and air conditioning needs.

Shawn Lambert prides himself on providing fast, and professional service to all his customers in California and you can see for yourself by contacting him on his convenient contact form on his website. You’ll probably hear back from in in mere minutes from the time you place you request. He also provides a unique and convenient method on his site for customers to pay their invoices. So we here at Radial Design Group was very honored to be of service to him and his customers to provide them with an improved professional appearance.

The Shawn Lambert HVAC Logo design includes a snowflake top which the client requested along with the blue coloration. It was designed using Adobe Illustrator and took about 1-2 hours to create.