Album Cover Design for CD For The Troops V

Album Cover Design for CD For The Troops V Front Side
Album Cover Design for CD For The Troops V

This album cover design was created by us here at Radial Design Group for a national non-profit organization called Operation Homefront in collaboration with Aware Music in Chicago. The CD For The Troops V album was distributed for free to military families across the United States. This album also includes music contributed by music artist such as Five for Fighting, Sara Bareilles and many others.

We were very happy to be chosen to create this wonderful project. More importantly to also give back to our men and women serving in America’s military branches. This project also was given away to free to military families across the United States. This release was also unveiled to the public by Five For Fighting music artist John Ondrasik. Mr. Ondrasik has always been a strong supporter of or men and women in the military. On this project we didn’t ask for any payment of services and created it for them free of charge. We support our non-profits.

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