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Beautiful Struggle Business Card Design

The Beautiful Struggle business card design was created by Radial Design Group for New York City based dance instructor Ms. Tonya. We did not one business card for Ms Tonya, we designed another as well. A few years later we ran a promotion offering a free business card and she grabbed up our offer. Ms Tonya offers a wide variety of different dance classes in New York and was once operating from California. She ended up expanding and moving east to expand her business into the Big Apple.

With the first Beautiful Struggle business card design for Ms. Tonya she wanted just a simple design with the woman dancer and tree limbs coming out of her arms. That business card only took a few hours to make and therefore was pretty simple to do and Ms Tonya really loved it. A few years later as a Christmas promotion we sent out an email to all our clients offering everyone a free business card design to drum up some business. Ms Tonya grabbed it up and we ended up making the second business card design. The new business card was simple, it included an upgraded logo Ms. Tonya had provided and therefore put into the design. It turned out fabulous and she loved it.

If you are a dance instructor and you need business cards made up to promote your dance studio or the different classes you offer please don’t hesitate and contact us. Turnaround times are fairly quick with business cards and their the most affordable and effective print marketing you can do for your business. You can’t do business without a business card.

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