Dance Studio Flyer Design for Ms. Tonya

Dance Studio Flyer Design for Ms. Tonya with Purple Background
Dance Studio Flyer Design with Red Background Backside
Dance Studio Flyer Design Front Side Red
Dance Studio Flyer Design For Ms. Tonya

This dance studio flyer design was created by Radial Design Group for Ms. Tonya and her dance studio located in New York City. Ms. Tonya is a lovely lady to work with and sent us a lot of interesting projects to work on. We thought we would share a few of the designs that we made for her with you.

These flyer designs were all created using the Adobe Photoshop software. The client providing us with her own logo to incorporate into her flyer design. In the Sunrise stretch design we used a silhouette of a woman in front of the Golden Gate Bridge. At the time Ms. Tonya lived in San Francisco, she eventually relocated to New York City to expand on her dream of teaching others dance in the Big Apple.

The Second Design We Created

In the second dance studio flyer design, Ms. Tonya started teaching Burlesque dance classes to her students and asked us to design her a nice flyer which incorporated burlesque into the design and so we did and she really liked the design the same as we did.

Are you a dance instructor and currently have your own dance studio. Are you looking for to have flyers created to help promote your classes and above all your dance studio? Consider having Radial Design Group design dance flyers for you. We have worked with instructors across the United States and therefore look forward to the opportunity to work with you also.

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