Medical Marijuana Logo Design for OGO

Medical Marijuana Logo Design for OGO

Here’s a medical marijuana logo design we created for a company in California called Ocean Grown Organics who operated a marijuana delivery company. They delivered medicine to people across Southern California. Ocean Grown Organics really loved their logo and above all we did as well. It has wonderful coloration, and therefore represented their company fully and looked official.

Here at Radial Design Group we can design a wide range of different types of logo’s for all kinds of businesses. Want to start out with a Photoshop logo, we can provide for businesses just starting out at a great price. If you want a more complex logo for instance we can design it in Adobe Illustrator.

Differences Between Logos

Radial Design Group recommends you going the more complex route. It’s best to have a logo designed in Illustrator rather than in Photoshop. First of all Photoshop logo’s are rasters. What makes them bad is when you increase their size, They tend to blur which just makes your logo look terrible.

A logo designed in Illustrator are vectors. Vectors can be blown up as big as you like. Above all, we definitely suggest the more complex and expensive route and having a logo done with Illustrator.

Logo’s are the first thing and what everyone see’s when doing business with a company. If you’re logo looks unprofessional they’ll think that you’re unprofessional. If your logo looks outstanding you can expect the client to feel the same way about you. Radial Design Group will work with you to get a logo design you want and looks best for your company.

We have always enjoyed and loved helping and supporting the marijuana delivery services. Radial Design Group can certainly create a medical marijuana logo design for you as well. We offer competitive prices for logo design. Feel free to fill out the simple form below to have a logo design created by Radial Design Group. If you would rather email us directly you can do so by dropping us an email at [email protected]. Sometimes customers rather speak by phone. In that case give us a call at (302) 613-4638. We look forward to serving you and delivering the best logo imaginable for you and your business.

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Need A Logo Designed?

If so then let us design it for you. Logo’s are like the first thing people see when doing business with you aside from business card that you hand to them. But even the business card has your logo on it. This tells you how important your logo is to your business. We design different types of logo’s for different types of budgets both bit and small.

To get a logo designed simply fill out the quick form and let us know you’re looking to have some logo design done. We’ll contact you within 24 hours either thru email or by telephone to further discuss your logo design project.

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