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Pamphlet Design for UPA - Yellow
Pamphlet Design For UPA - Black
Pamphlet Design For UPA 10 Ball

Radial Design Group doesn’t get many pamphlet design jobs. When we do we’re excited to do them. Here is a project which we did for the United States Professional Poolplayers Association who came to us and told us they needed some Official Rule Books created so that they could distribute them to their players and leagues which they operate across the United States.

With this design we created three rule books in total. In each design we also used the color of each of the pool balls to be the colors of each pamphlets. We put their logo design up at the top of the design. We also put their slogan, League of Champions on the top as well. In the background we faded in the little pool guy in their logo and put it into the background to give it a little flair.

The United States Professional Poolplayers Association is a well respected name among those who play billiards pool. They also have regular tournaments in Las Vegas and some tournaments even broadcasted live on television.

If you are a pool organization or business looking to have some pamphlets made contact us and let’s talk about your project. We also offer all our design customers quick turnaround times on their project and unlimited revisions. Pamphlets start out at $40.00 per side / panel. Prices go up in price depending on the complexity of each job.

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Turnaround times on pamphlets are really fast and we’ll work with you thru the entire process to make it run as smoothly as possible. Fill out the quick form we provided and let us know you’re interested. We’ll contact you within 24 hours about your pamphlet design job. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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